The days are getting longer and the skirts are getting shorter. The lambs are back in the meadow. Reason enough to organize another nice lunch (Dutch roast) on Sunday 14 April with the theme: the Texel lamb.

Bring your friends, neighbors and family and come and enjoy our lamb roast. Reserve quickly!

3 course roast menu €29,50. Make your reservation through of 020-6707357

At Restaurant Floreyn we focus on classic Dutch cuisine. The flavours & savours of a rich culinary history are recreated using contemporary cooking skills. Such as our unique Dutch Calvados

All the beauty of Dutch soil and the North Sea is supplemented with locally brewed and distilled drinks. Now also with 15 Dutch cheeses.

Be sure to try our new apple dessert this spring with bbq apple, Tarte Tatin foam and "boerenjongens" ice cream.


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