Restaurant Floreyn: Fine dining

One year ago we got the keys for Albert Cuypstraat 31 in Amsterdam. Within three months the famous restaurant Braque was transformed into our new restaurant, Floreyn. A place where we honour the Dutch cuisine and where local and seasonal produce are key.

Chef Jasper Holthuis, together with the team from Floreyn, is working hard to honour the rich smells and flavours that our country has to offer. With this first newsletter we would like to introduce ourselves.

Restaurant Florey: the team Left to right: Isabelle, Jesse, Annelot, Floor, Stefanie, Jasper, Marc, Joel, Cyril, Niels, Prince, Milan

At Restaurant Floreyn we focus on the modern Dutch Cuisine. The flavours and savours of a rich culinary history are recreated using contemporary cooking skills and insights.

All the beauty of the Dutch soil and the North Sea is accompanied by locally brewed and distilled beverages. In addition, the team works as much as possible with home-made products, creating everything from breads to friandises, and from rolmops to peppermint.

We are very proud of our Dutch heritage and this is reflected in our interior design. Among things to see are: a representation of the allotment of the Netherlands on the ceiling, the art of old bicycles on the wall, the sea level is indicated with a golden line and the bar refers to the Rietveld chair.

Agenda - Dutch Roast

alt From Sunday 25th of March you can visit us every last Sunday of the month for a special Dutch version of the Sunday Roast. Fresh sausage rolls, pea soup, juicy piglet and the tastiest side dishes ensure that you end the week with a great feeling. Floreyn serves a different menu for each edition.

For this first edition it’s all about the piglet. The meat is present in all three courses of the lunch - even in the dessert! Maybe you don’t eat meat or fish, or you have certain allergies? No problem. Tell us about your dietary requirements and we can meet your needs. A reservation is highly recommended.

News - Lunch

alt We have also been serving lunch since 1st of February. Every week from Thursday to Sunday you can come over for a taste of Dutch meals, homemade breads, sandwiches, desserts and fresh juices.

Recipe – The favourite entree

alt Cauliflower was once one of our guests favourite entrees, which had a place on the menu since our opening in June 2017. We now have a new entree to take his place which has the colours of beetroot and the flavours of fennel. Fear not, we will not withhold you the recipe, even if you are not a fan, trust us this is a crowd pleaser.


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